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Helping women embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and healing so they can live life to the fullest

Finally reach your life, financial, or relationship goals!

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Through my different modalities, I can help with finding your purpose; gaining clarity around business decisions; getting over/through fears, frustrations, indecisions; and gaining clarity around things.

If you are ready to step into a world of clarity, magic, and infinite possibility, schedule your free call now to learn more about me and how we could work together!

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Energy Healing

The Akashic Records are an energetic library of your soul’s journey across all time, space, dimensions, and realities. Understanding your soul’s path can help you live a better life. The rules of time don’t apply. Accessing the Akashic Records can bring clarity, guidance, and healing. You can

• Gain insight into your soul’s journey and purpose

• Receive guidance on current challenges and opportunities

• Clear energetic blockages to live a more fulfilling life.

Akashic Angel Healing takes Akashic Records to a whole new level. I bring in the Archangels to clear and heal you physical body and energy body; to harmonize and balance your energy body; to heal your relationships; to heal your soul (soul fragments); and to do shadow work, parts work, or inner child healing.

In our hypnotherapy sessions, discover how we'll help you shed unwanted habits, doubts, and fears; work towards achieving your desired body; and leaving the past behind. We'll boost your performance in business, personal life, and social interactions, empowering you to master your emotions and take control of your life. Our goal-oriented approach focuses on the present and effective problem-solving, with an initial video consultation followed by weekly sessions until your positive changes become a stable part of your life. Say goodbye to depression quickly and start living your best life!

Life Coaching

Pranic Energy Chakra Centre in Palm of Hand

Awaken Your Divine Potential: Unlock Confidence, Discover Spiritual Gifts, and Manifest Abundance

Have you been struggling to move toward your dreams?

Do you feel like your feet are stuck in a quagmire and you can’t move forward?

Is your brain always running 90-to-nothing and keeping you in confusion instead of giving you clarity to make decisions?

Are you plagued with self-doubt and judgment about yourself?

It’s time to step out of self-doubt and rise past your fears to learn to trust and heal yourself fully and completely.

On this journey of self-discovery and personal healing, you will create a happier, healthier, holistic lifestyle by focusing on your whole being - mind, body, and spirit.

We will go through 3 Phases Of Change:

  • Shift Your Mindset
    • Realizing You Are Deserving Deservingness
    • Establishing the mindset of what you want
    • Using Intentional Words
  • Honor Your Body
    • Developing Your Relationship With Water
    • Creating small daily habits. Habits become who you are
    • Expanding these small habits into long term growth habits
  • Connect To Your Spirit
    • Learning to connect with your higher self
    • Learning to ground yourself and connect with nature
    • Having fun and playing, being curious as to what you can create


6 week program

Meet every week for coaching

One healing session/ month

WhatsApp as needed

Georgia is very talented and intuitive and easily picked up stuck energy and blocks. She is a powerful energy healer and her ability to release these blocks are truly life changing! I would highly recommend her and her work to anyone who feels stuck and is looking to transform their life!

Barbara Strzalkowska

I have come to Georgia White Ryle for two Akashic Records readings. Her compassion for others shines through in her readings. It was a beautiful and incredibly powerful experience. I attended my first reading probably more out of curiosity about my soul's journey than anything and my second I sought out so that I could heal generational trauma.

I gained so much clarity during the second reading and have let go of so much sadness and anger, seeing people in my family for who they truly are, maybe for the first time ever. I truly appreciate that Georgia is able to use her gifts in this way to help people fully heal, even from lifetime's ago.

Monica Beauchamp


Thank you so much Georgia for the reading! I loved how insightful you were and how much it made me think of my situation in a different perspective that I could use to empower myself. I would highly recommend anyone who is looking to do a reading to receive one!

Cheryl Geonanga

I met Georgia and connected and learned about her energy work! Georgia is passionate about helping others, sharing her gift, and helping others heal! I scheduled my first Akashic Record reading and I was inspired and moved by the experience! Whether you are experienced or new to energy work, Georgia has a gift of empowering people and working through life questions! I am thankful for her friendship, energy, and introduction to energy work! You seriously need to connect and experience Georgia's gifts and kindness.

Becky Davidson

Georgia did a fantastic job translating the message she was receiving. She paid close attention to little details and trusted her vision for what I needed to hear. Georgia is vibrant, fun, respectful, and heartwarming. I could feel her love and light towards me. Thank you, Georgia!

Katie P.

I was blessed with the opportunity to have Georgia do an Akashic Record reading with me. I came with a rather difficult question but she was able to tune into two different lifetimes in which I was affected and may be presenting the awareness I need in this lifetime to bring healing forward. It was a joy to watch Georgia bring her gift into the world. It was a joy to connect with her!

Tracy Swainson

About Me

Georgia Ryle is a spiritual empowerment coach and energy healer. She empowers spiritual women to overcome limitations, embrace their true selves, and embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and healing.

Over the years, she has been trained in intuitive life coaching, dreambuilder coaching, Akashic Record reading, Akashic angel healing, oracle card reading, hypnotherapy, NLP coaching, and attuned as Reiki Master. She has studied various other healing modalities as well as developing her own.

Georgia has healed Hashimoto's Disease in herself as well as helped others heal their health conditions and removed pain. She has helped people discover their purpose, overcome their inability to speak publicly, gain clarity around business decisions, and overcome their fear of making decisions.

Through her different modalities, Georgia can help with finding your purpose; gaining clarity around business decisions; getting over/through fears, frustrations, indecisions; and gaining clarity around things.

If you are ready to step into a world of clarity, magic, and infinite possibility, schedule your free call now to learn more about her and how you could work together!

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Phone: 662-503-3241


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